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ICONOMI Fees when using Strategy

Deposit Fee

Exit Fee

Following Fee

Performance Fee

On both the ICONOMI and Cryptohopper Platforms you manage your own account and in doing so are free to withdraw funds at any time.



20 positions

Portfolio management

Manual trading

On all available exchanges


$19.00 / Month

80 positions

Max 15 selected coins

Max 2 triggers

TA with 10 min interval

1 Simulated Trading Bot

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$49.00 / Month

200 positions

Max 50 selected coins

Max 5 triggers

TA with 5 min interval

1 Simulated Trading Bot

Exchange arbitrage


$99.00 / Month

500 positions

Max 75 selected coins

Max 10 triggers

TA with 2 min interval

All coins for signals

Market Arbitrage

Market Making

Algorithm Intelligence (BETA)

Crypto-Base does not have or require (Dutch) regulatory oversight: article ‘Are investment services relating to cryptocurrencies subject to supervision in the Netherlands?’ from the Dutch AFM.

Crypto-Base will never hold or control any of followers:

  • FIAT funds (EURO or USD)
  • Cryptocurrency (BTC, ETH, ATOM or any other)
  • Contact information
  • KYC or legal information

When following Crypto-Base investors use the services of ICONOMI.

All private data, cypto keys and FIAT will remain on the ICONOMI platform at all times.