Invest in Cryptocurrencies & Blockchain technology with through the ICONOMI platform


The ICONOMI Digital Assets Management Platform is an unique service in which novice and expert users can invest in the Strategy. Our strategy is comprised of various crypto currencies which are picked based upon past and future performance, underlying technology, upcoming news and protocol updates. They are balanced according to our risk assessment and profitability prediction. Through using this strategy you are able to enjoy investing in various cryptocurrencies whilst investing in one place. This keeps is simple and transparent. There are no hidden charges, you are free to deposit and withdraw at any time. Both are possible using fiat (via IBAN)  and cryptocurrency (ETH and BTC). The cryptocurrency market is still in its developing stage, join this new technology today and start planing your future.


Current Data

Instead of having to trade various cryptocurrencies by yourself, use our Strategy on the ICONOMI platform and let us do the work for you while you enjoy the profits.

Easy to use

With a few easy steps you will be investing in cryptocurrencies in no time.

Total control

Manage your account with the use of the ICONOMI app for IOS and Android

Invest using fiat or cryptocurrency

Create your ICONOMI account and deposit using fiat (your local currency), Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH).

Diverse Portfolio

Invest in various cryptocurrencies.

Easy and Safe to use

The ICONOMI platform has top security features and is intuitive to use.

Start using as little as €10,-

Start investing with as little as €10,- and enjoy your new way of saving for the future.

Why choose

- Actively Managed - Frequent Rebalancing to ensure maximum profitably - Transparent Communication - Proven Track Record Strategy has been listed on ICONOMI since July 2019. We are proud to be on of the most actively managed strategies on the platform

Impressive Returns

Our 6 month return (as of 15/9/2020) is 167,39%. On the ICONOMI platform you can find our track record for various time intervals and keep track of Strategy.

You are in control

By using the unique ICONOMI investment platform, users can follow our strategy and never give away control over their funds. You funds, be it fiat or cryptocurrency always remain in your own safe account.


We share all our changes in our Strategy on our social media channels so you can see what is going on. For active engagement you can also follow our Telegram group where we can answer questions.

Easy and Transparent

Cryptocurrencies are difficult to understand. Transactions are complicated and keeping them safe can be tricky in the digital environment. Thanks to ICONOMI you do not have to be worried about these issues. You only need one verified account to invest.

Management Fee
1,50 % per year

Performance Fee
2.00 % per year

Exit Fee
 1,00 %

The displayed fees are the only fees charged whilst using the Strategy on the ICONOMI Platform.

The management fee is charged monthly and calculated to be 1,50% over your allocated funds in the Strategy

The Performance Fee is charged monthly and calculated to be 2.00% over the current profit made with the funds allocated to the Strategy. This means that is you make no profit we charge nothing. And is only charge if we keep making profit. So if you maximum profit is 150% and we drop to 140%. We do not charge you until we surpass the 150% mark again. This way we have an incentive to keep growing. 

For more detailed information on our fees visit this page on ICONOMI fees or visit the  ICONOMI help center.