Sander van Middendrop (34) first entered the cryptocurrency market in 2017. His first bitcoin (BTC) he used to buy WAVES after being tipped by a friend.

After that step his interest in cryptocurrency expanded. He invested in various ICO’s and used a range of automated trading bots in this market using numerous strategies to see which fit a situation best.

At the time of writing (2020) he is mostly active on the Cryptohopper bot. With this bot you can use different strategies like dollar cost averaging (DCA), trailing stop losses, scalp trading and many more.

Sander likes a challenge. He developed his own app called Receptenmaker which has been downloaded 250.000 times with a rating of 4,5 stars in the Apple App Store. Using his passion he strives to make a project work to its fullest potential. For he has built the website and is responsible for all automated trading queries. His goal is to help as many people as possible to invest in this wonderful new market. This can be achieved with managed investing through ICONOMI or with independent trading using Cryptohopper bot.


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